About the Author

Hiya friend,

Welcome to the Drumheller Storyteller blog!  I am both a nurse and a freelance writer (see the link to Elance on the sidebar) and I live near Seattle, WA.  

Originally, Drumheller Storyteller was a literary magazine that I wrote for my neighbors on Drumheller Street. But it has now made the historic launch into the digital age and can reach more friends than ever before--but it's only fair to warn you that reading Drumheller Storyteller can be hazardous.  One unfortunate guy who was reading the latest post laughed so hard that he choked on his gum and his grandma had to give him mouth to mouth.  So spit out your gum before you read it... unless you want to kiss grandma.

I will post a new story and illustration once a month. Don't forget to share new posts with friends, sign up to follow Drumheller, or feel free to leave feedback.
Take your shoes off and set a spell.  We're going to have so much fun together,

J. Evans,
Drumheller Storyteller